New Life at Other Late Antique Roman Ports: Constantinople

The interest in Roman harbors during the Late Antique periods is gaining ground; and the recent media report about the discovery of the Port of Theodosius at Constantinople (modern Istanbul) is sure to accelerate that trend.

Check out the report on CNN for a summary of how the ‘lost harbor’ of the late fourth century C.E. was found in 2004.

Some of this archaeological material will prove particularly relevant to our study of Ostia during the same period, especially in light of the recent work attesting to life at the synagogue, here on Rome’s shore, during the late fourth and fifth centuries.

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About Prof. Douglas Boin

Douglas Ryan Boin is an Assistant Professor of Ancient and Late Antique History at Saint Louis University. From 2010-2013 he was a professor in the Department of Classics at Georgetown University. He has published on aspects of the Late Antique Mediterranean, focusing on the construction of "pagan-Christian" narratives, the history of synagogue and church architecture, and the importance of Augustine in sixth and seventh-century Ostia and Rome.

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