The OSMAP Staff

L. Michael White | Project Director

Mary Jane Cuyler | Field Director

Brent Nongbri | Assistant Field Director

Claudio Negrini | Archaeological Drawings

Alan Stearman| GIS Operations

Daniela Williams | Numismatist

Letizia Ceccarelli | Lab Supervisor & Ceramicist

Marzia Di Mento | Ceramicist

Adele Rinaldi | Ceramicist

Edvige Patella| Ceramicist

Jacqueline Dibiasie | Fresco and Graffiti 

Nicoletta Conti| Archaeozoologist

Robyn Veal | Environmental Advisor

Luca Mocheggiani Carpano| Director of Health and Safety

Becki Brinkerhoff | Accounting 

Susan Gelb Rosenberg| Associate advisor for field operations

Douglas Boin| Associate advisor for field operations

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